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Making Sense of Cherri

Fuelled by brilliance

Quality work happens when experience, skill and grit come
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Who we ar
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Who we are

A group of fun-loving people who are passionate about putting their decades of
advertising experience to use.

Our Style

Our style

We have seen the pre-internet era and we have honed our skill in the digital age. In a word, we represent the best of both worlds.

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Why us

Why us

In us you get a partner who gets your job done with no hidden agenda.

Our Services

360-Degree Communications

Creating 360-degree communications including print ads, OOH, brochure, leaflet, poster, standee, tent card,

Photography /

Video Shoot

We have professionally trained photographers and filmmakers to take care of your requirements.

Brand Design

Creating brand design including designing of logo, tagline, positioning, brand guideline, packaging, labelling.



Designing and executing websites from scratch.

Digital Communication

Digital communication including emailer, social media communication, brand innovation, internet banners

AI generated


Creating breath taking images using latest AI technology that fulfils the demands of a brand.



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Meet the Team

About us

About us

Cherri Communications is a young creative agency consisting of some brilliant minds whose objective is to deliver fresh, interesting, and meaningful communication ideas to discerning clients. 

Devoid of the usual pomp and shine of big agencies, Cherri is your go-to place if you are looking for crisp and effective creatives delivered in lightning speed. The brains behind Cherri have spent enough number of years handling jobs from the pre-internet era to the digital age. And this is what gives Cherri that extra edge. 

From good old ad campaigns that include ATL & BTL to digital campaigns, brand design, social media creatives, films, photography, website innovations, presentations, printing of communication materials, packaging design – Cherri will handle everything for you.



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